Imagine you have a call center with three levels of employees

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Imagine you have a call center with three levels of employees

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Imagine you have a call center with three levels of employees: fresher, technical lead (TL), product manager (PM). There can be multiple employees, but only one TL or PM. An incoming telephone call must be allocated to a fresher who is free. If a fresher can’t handle the call, he or she must escalate the call to technical lead. If the TL is not free or not able to handle it, then the call should be escalated to PM. Design the classes and data structures for this problem. Implement a method getCallHandler().

class CallHandler{
static final int LEVELS=3;
static final int NUM_FRESHERS=5;
ArrayList<Employee>[] employeeLevels=new ArrayList<Employee>[LEVELS];
Queue<Call>[] callQueues=new LinkedList[LEVELS];

public CallHander(){}

Employ getCallHandler(Call call){
for(int level=call.rank;level<LEVELS-1;level++){
ArrayList<Employee> employeeLevel=employeeLevels[LEVELS];
for(Employee emp: employeeLevel){
return emp;
return null;
void dispatchCall(Call call){
Employee emp=getCallHandler(call);
void getNextCall(Employee e){}

class Call{
int rank=0;
public void reply(String message){}
public void disconnect(){}

class Employee{
CallHandler callHandler;
int rank;
boolean free;
Employee(int rank){this.rank=rank;}
void ReceiveCall(Call call){}
void CallHandled(Call call){}
void CannotHandle(Call call){

class Fresher extends Employee{
public Fresher(){super(0);}

class TechLead extends Employee{
public TechLead(){super(1);}

class ProductManager extends Employee{
public ProductManager(){ super(2);}


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